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Subject: KUDOS!!!! (That's French for "Nice Goin')

Submitted by Pam 8-9-15

I love it! Everything about it is wonderful and I think it will be a huge success! I've been struggling with my new size and trying to accept myself. I was always so tiny, but on the back-end of menopause, I went from a size 2 or 4 up to a 6 or 8. NOT big, really, but bigger than I was accustomed and certainly fat in the eyes of the John Q Public! It's not my fault. My body changed. Not me! In fact I eat less and drink less than I did when I was a size 2! This forum will help a lot of women struggling with their changing bodies and go a long way in helping us accept our body and be comfortable in our own skin! Congrats, it's GREAT!



Submitted by Caroline    8-9-15


Message: I was always the he skinny one though I did put on the freshman fifteen when I was at boarding school. But for the most part I was thin, and remained so through any means possible. My ex said he didn't like big women so I'd starve myself for a couple days to try to take the poundage off my body. I'd exercise daily, play tennis, pop laxatives, and smoke to maintain a lithe body. But I was miserable. 

Today I am would be considered heavy. I'm obese by the standards set in my doctors office. But I am post-menapausal and very happy with myself for,the first time in my life. I wish I could express to my young self how worried I was about all the wrong stuff. 

Embrace your bigness, yes, wear it like a cute little dress. I like that, my friend, fat is the new black!

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