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I'm just a fat woman with opinions. Lots of opinions. They shouldn't be your opinions. Anything I say should be taken only as my opinion. The truth may be out there. Seek it! 

Let's seek it together!   I'm eager to connect with other women who are ready to dive into this sea-change,  and transform the perception of fat people. 

Fat Is The New Black (FITNB) is my step in the right direction. If you've come to walk the path with me, then WELCOME! 


The Doctor Challenge  7/27/2015

To all the doctors and "health care professionals" who have sold us diet books & products: please reveal to us the long-term results of those who follow your plan. How many people have managed to keep off significant weight for a significant time/life?

Because if it isn't for life, it doesn't work.

Let's define significant weight, for the sake of this blog:  80 - 100 + pounds. 

Significant time: ten years or more.

So what I'd like to know is how many people, with 80-100+ pounds to lose, have successfully shed that amount of pounds, and kept it off for ten or more years?

I think by now we all know that losing weight is one thing. 

Keeping it off forever is another. 


A quick search on amazon for books with the word "diet" in the title: 17,000 for weight loss in general, 73,000 under the heading of health & fitness.

That's a lot of books to solve a singular "problem," if you want to regard fat as a problem. And the authors of those books sure do.

How many of the authors have tested their theories/diets on people long enough to determine what the long-term results are?

Do the authors prey on the desperate, knowing they can sell us snake oil disguised as hope?

If there's any truth to the above question, if an alleged diet-guru is just looking to make some quick bucks on our vulnerabilities, shame on them.   

We love success stories! Pictures of women in their before & after photos, when they've just lost a great deal of weight, are manna from the heavens, feeding our dreams, our desires, our need to fit into a false standard of beauty. 

False because beauty is subjective. False because beauty is a myriad of things, not just a singular thing.

False because I want to see that woman in ten years.

And I want the people who sell us crap to stand behind that crap, to be forthcoming with the long term results of people who use that crap.

Even the most famous weight loss camps in the U.S. - please be accountable. We come to your meetings, we buy your products, we stand on your, what are our chances? What is your maintenance success rate for people who want to lose, or have lost, 80-100+ pounds? 

Throwin' down the challenge.

Anyone willing to accept and divulge? 



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